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  Code Special Products Size Order Qty
  Cards with Birds SP06  Card Sets of 6 Birds  One Size
  SP06a  Card Sets of 6 Trees  One Size
  SP06b  Card Sets of 6 Water Scenes  One Size
  Coasters SP07  Coasters - Set of 6  One Size
  SP112  Tea Tray - Ele/Rhino Inlay  standard
  SP114  Noughts and Crosses  standard
  SP115  Railway Sleeper Backgammon  small
  SP117  Octagonal Drinks Tray  
  SP118  Railway Sleeper Backgammon  large
  SP120  Stand Up Elephants  
  SP127  Stand Up Hippo  
  SP131  Letter Rack Elephant  
  SP132  Box Metal Lid  
  SP133  Double Candle Stick  
  SP135  Candle Block Large  
  SP148  Mini Cards (10)  9cm x 7.3 cm
  SP149  Christmas Greeting Cards (10)  15cm x 10cm
  Bowl SP15  Wire and Bead Bowl  One Size
  SP150  Greeting Cards  15cm X 10.5cm
  Utensil Holder SP17  Wire and Bead Utensil Holder  One Size
  Guinea Fowl SP18  Wire and Bead Guinea Fowl  One Size
  Lizard SP19  Wire and Bead Lizard  One Size
  SP19a  Wire and Bead Chameleon  0
  Ostrich SP20  Wire and Bead Ostrich  One Size
  SP21  Wire and Bead Spider  One Size
  Painted Eggs: Stand not included SP22  Ostrich Eggs: Painted  One Size
  Carved Eggs: Stand Not Included SP23  Ostrich Eggs: Carved  One Size
  SP24  Ostrich Eggs Scrimshaw  15cms
  SP24a  Ostrich Egg Stand: Wooden  one size
  SP24b  Ostrich Egg Stand: Brass  one size
  SP65  Makishi Masks  Small
  SP66  Makishi Masks  Medium
  SP67  Makishi Masks  Large

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