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  Code Standard Wood Size Order Qty
  Teak Giraffes SW06  Hardwood Giraffes  X Small
  SW07  Hardwood Giraffes  Small
  SW08  Hardwood Giraffes  Medium
  SW09  Hardwood Giraffes  Large
  Wooden Hippo SW11  Wooden Hippos  x Small
  SW12  Wooden Hippos  Small
  SW13  Wooden Hippos  Medium
  Wooden Guinea Fowls SW16  Wooden Birds  Small
  SW17  Wooden Birds  Medium
  SW18  Wooden Birds  Large
  Wooden Mbiras SW22  Wooden Mbiras  Small
  Marimba & Sticks SW25  Wooden Marimbas  Small
  SW26  Wooden Marimbas  Medium
  SW27  Wooden Marimbas  Large
  SW27a  Marimba with Calabashes  small
  SW27b  Marimba with Calabashes  medium
  Salad Servers SW28  Wooden Salad Servers  Medium
  Wooden Bowl SW32  Wooden Bowls Painted  25 cm
  SW32a  Wooden Bowls Plain  25 cm
  SW33  Wooden Bowls Painted  35 cm
  SW33b  Wooden Bowls Plain  35 cm
  SW39  Binga Stool  Standard
  Nyami Nyami Walking Stick SW40  NyamiNyami Walking Stick  One Size
  Teak Boxes SW42  Teak Boxes  Small
  SW43  Teak Boxes  Medium
  SW44  Teak Boxes  Large
  Teak picture Frame SW45  Teak Picture Frames  3 x 5
  SW46  Teak Picture Frames  4 x 6
  SW47  Teak Picture Frames  6 x 8
  SW48  Teak Picture Frames  8 x 10
  SW49  Teak Picture Frames  12 x 8
  Wine Holder SW50  Teak Wine Holders  one size
  SW62  Wooden Creations  Small
  SW63  Wooden Creations  Medium
  SW64  Wooden Creations  Large
  SW65  Wooden Zebra  Small
  SW66  Wooden Zebra  Medium
  SW67  Wooden Zebra  Large
  SW68  Rattles  
  SW69  Traditional Binga Bowls  36cms - 44cms
  SW70  Traditional Binga Bowls  45cms - 55cms
  SW71  Traditional Binga Bowls  56cms - 65cms
  SW72  Traditional Binga Bowls  66cms - 75cms
  SW74  Domboshawa Bowls  25cm - 40cm
  SW75  Domboshawa Bowls  41cm - 50cm
  SW76  Domboshawa Bowls  51cm - 61cm
  SW77  Domboshawa Bowls  61cm - 75cm
  SW78  Key holder (wood and wire)  5cm - 7cm

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