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We are very honoured to have you visit the Zulu Exclusive site.  If you have any constructive criticism please do not hesitate to write to the team on info@zuluexclusive.com , we would greatly appreciate it.

It has been a tremendous adventure for us as we have, for a couple of years, had a global vision for the promotion of African Arts and Interiors (Décor).  Our primary concern was to secure a reliable sourcing company that shared a similar vision.  Initially we were quite disappointed with the sourcing companies that offered us their services, however we watched with interest as a Zimbabwean company, Curio City, grew from strength to strength and it was at this point we felt that we had a well balanced, professional and reliable team that shared our huge vision.  Curio City (Private) Limited is now the sole sourcing agent for us, and I am sure that as your orders are completed you will agree they are the right company for the job! 


We have launched what we believe is a high quality, diverse range of pieces in the stock (standard) and gallery (exclusive) categories. We will be introducing many more creative and attractive ranges of products for your perusal and comments so please keep checking the site and submit your email for our constant updates.


This site has taken a massive number of man hours to get to where it is and it will continue to improve.  The underlying structure is based on three different categories of Art lovers. Those that want to buy individual pieces for their home (visit the Shop); Those that love art and want to make it their business, but do not own a gallery (visit Agents) and those that have galleries and warehouses of their own and want bulk stock (visit Wholesaler).  Each login has an automatically calculated discount from the shop price and various contracts that are associated.  We have endeavored to create a very attractive commission structure for Agents including referral commissions and a series of other benefits like the more you sell the greater your discount becomes, but your commission per item stays the same!  If you are interested in being awarded any one of these log-ins please fill in the relevant page on the site and one of the partners of Curio City will liaise with you. 


In the development of this project we have had a number of enquiries for Agents and Wholesaler log-ins from all over the world we hope that the next enquiry is from you!  The Curio City team is authorized to negotiate discounts awarded to individual log-ins, so talk to them they will do what they can to forge a strong relationship with you!

If you would like to know more about the team on the ground go to About us . Thank you for visiting our site  I hope that you have an exciting shopping relationship with us!

Orders, Queries & Comments :




Craig Hollinshead, Zim Rep :

Mobile:  +263 11 402595

Phone Numbers (GMT +2hrs) :

+263 4 486280 (land line)

Full Address of our sourcing team in Zimbabwe:

Bay 5, 69 Steven Drive
Msasa, Harare


Zulu Exclusive Director UK

Richard Bryan Hird - email:  richard@zuluexclusive.com


Zulu Exclusive (USA)

Located in the CityArts Factory in downtown Orlando

29 So. Orange Ave


FL 32801

Ivan Carter


Mobile:  407 758 3670


Office Phone Number Orlando

407 849 9016


Jackie@zuluexclusive.com or Ivan@zuluexclusive.com

www.zuluorlando.com and www.zuluexclusive.com

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