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Tengenenge Sculpture Village

We are very proud to introduce a new category on our website.. TENGENENGE SCULPTURE and a website dedicated to only Tengengenge Sculpture.  Please visit www.tengenengesculpture.com

The Tengenenge Sculpture Community has an important place in the history of stone sculpture from Zimbabwe. It is the home of many successful artists. The sculpture, unique to this community, is almost always present at major international exhibitions and has become famous in its own right.  

The message being sent out is that Zimbabwe's art and crafts are alive and thriving and, more importantly, have a contemporary relevance to audiences in many different cultures and societies. The people of Zimbabwe have always had a great natural ability to work with their hands, creating objects vital to their culture.  These beautiful sculptures can match contemporary art in any international gallery.  

This activity allows rural and urban people - many lacking opportunities for education - to express themselves creatively, to talk about their own culture. This important social aspect has been fostered and encouraged by investment in the art and craft industry of Zimbabwe. 

An Artist working on a sculpture in the Village where he lives with his family

Bryan Daly and Heather Fynn with Tom Blomfield who founded the Tengenenge Sculpture Village

Some of the many children who live in the village..

Craig Hollinshead, Bryan Daly and Tom Blomfield with portrait of Tom.

Our team on the ground in Zimbabwe work very closely with the Tengenenge Village to bring the works of art to you, thanks for your continued support.


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